Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The One With Wardrobe Wednesday: Causal Edition

 I seem to be in a pattern this year.  One day I'm very dressy and professional (meaning I wear heels) and the next day I'm as casual as I'm allowed to be.  Yesterday was a casual day.

This outfit looks even more casual in this picture, but in my defense I didn't take this picture until after teaching all day, an orthodontist appointment, and having been home for two hours.  It looked a little better when I left for work this morning.

Of course my hair was down then too.  That helps right?

My pocket tee is from Old Navy.  I bought it this summer and love it so much.  I actually own this shirt in almost every color that was available.  

My capris were purchased around three years ago at the gap outlet.

My shoes are from Payless.  I bought them this summer and love them.

So what are you wearing this week?

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