Thursday, August 7, 2014

The One with the Reveal

I did it.  I said goodbye to the owls and chose a new theme for my classroom this year.  I was a little nervous about it because it took me forever to make a decision on a theme.  But I love all my chalkboards and neons and am pleased with how it turned out.

Welcome to my 2014/2015 Classroom.

The view from the door...

Ready for Open House...even though I wont' be there.

I am in OBSESSED with this bulletin board.  I cannot wait to add their pictures from the first day of school and then change that hashtag out throughout the year.  I usually despise bulletin boards.  Last year my board was blank all year.  But I am super happy about this turned out.

This shelf holds supplies for students and is where they will turn in their work.

I bought these solid black panels but they were too short so I extended them with the green fabric.

My space...

Filled with work ready for the first week.

A few special owls got to stick around.  

The view from my desk...

Table Caddies

I think I'm going to add a cushion to my stool.

The front of the room...

My other whiteboard....

That's the full tour.  What do you think?  Think it will make math a little more fun for my students?


  1. Your room looks great! It's inviting, but not too busy. I'm still in the planning process for mine--we don't start until after Labor Day. I'm slowly getting things together, but haven't quite figured it out. I love the bulletin board too. Great idea.

  2. I LOVE your accelerated math motivational chart. I'm going to pin your picture to my back to school board to remember it. Thanks for the great idea! Your room looks beautiful!

    Wild About Fifth

  3. Your classroom looks great! I love that you used the three-drawer organizers for all your copies. I'm stealing that idea and making a note about it right now. Thanks for the inspiration.
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies

  4. Your class looks AMAZING! I wish we had tables!

    I love the bright colors with the black!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  5. What a beautiful room! You did an amazing job.

  6. Love your room! Where did you get the rules? I would love to add those to my room. Thanks!

  7. I love the bulletin board with the hash tag. Can't wait to try it this year! Where did you get the camera for that bulletin board? Love it!

    1. I can't remember exactly. Pretty sure I just found an image through a google search.

  8. I LOVE your ideas! Where did you find the signs posted by your clock? Those look fantastic!

    1. Thank you. I actually made those. They are available in my TPT store. Search TheClassyTeacher. :)

  9. I'm impressed! I was an owl girl too and I'm doing a chalkboard/bright colors design too. I can't believe you have work ready for the first week of school already....I need to get on it! It looks awesome girl...your students will love it!

    Stephanie Ann
    Sparkling in Fourth Grade

  10. I love your rules posters! Do you have those available somewhere for others?

  11. I was thinking the same thing about the rules posters!!! I love those and would purchase them if available!!!