Monday, April 21, 2014

The One With the Mini Offices

Today as my students were taking their test I realized I've never shared my mini offices with you.

I can't remember where I found this idea, but it is one that I absolutely love and use often.

It is simply two file folders glued together.  


My students use them for privacy when they are taking a quiz or a test.   They really like them.  Some students completely disappear into their mini office.

My mini offices are currently blank on the inside.  However, I have seen where some teachers put references sheets on the inside for students to refer to.  

I put mine together before school started and never got around to laminating them - something I wish I would have done.  They will definitely get laminated before next year.  Thankfully they are still in pretty good condition.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The One Without Any Words

Today I'm joining Miss Decarbo at Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday!

What fun!

How do you track which students are here and which ones are out of the room?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The One With Hands On Equations

When my math coach and I sat down to plan my algebra unit I had no idea how well my students would do and how far we would be able to go with it.

There have been several teachable moments throughout this unit where we've been able to go above and beyond the ideas that I had planned to covered.  This unit has been interrupted by so many things including Benchmark test.  My mind reels with the thoughts of what we could have done had we not had all the interruptions.  It has been a real confidence booster for so many of students who struggled through our last unit on fractions.  

My math coach gave me a huge box of materials to be used for Hands-On Equations when we started planning this unit.  I have to admit that the box was so overwhelming that when she first gave it to me I wanted to ignore it.  I didn't want to take the time to deal with it.

I am so glad I decided to deal with that box. 

 In a matter of thirty minutes or less my students were solving some pretty big equations yesterday.  They immediately understand what a variable is and its role in equations.  They understood that an equal sign doesn't mean solve this problem and find the answer.  They were able to see the equal sign as the middle point on a scale where each side of it had to be balanced or equal.  

I was so incredibly proud of them, but even more important they were proud of themselves.  They had been so scared of this unit just because it was called Algebra.  But by the end of our time together yesterday they were all saying how easy algebra is.

I was thrilled because algebra has always been my strong point in math, but I never really understood the why.  I never saw the equal sign as the middle point of a scale.  I was just able to regurgitate what my teacher was doing.  Because of that teaching algebra has always been one of my low points.  I didn't have the knowledge to explain it the way I need to.  That changed yesterday.

So what is Hands-On Math?

We started class with some discussion about what an equal sign meant.  I let them share their ideas and then I brought out my scale - though I use that term loosely because it is not an actually scale.  It just looks like one.

We started with a blue pawn representing X on one side of the scale and a cube representing 5 on the other side.  Students were immediately able to see that in order for the scale to be balanced then x had to equal 5.

From there I followed the book that comes with this kit.

This little book made my job incredibly easy.  According to this book, you can use this kit to teach students as low as 3rd grade how to solve algebraic equation.  I might have rolled my eyes when I first read that, but after just one day I totally believe it.

You can see from the picture above how we slowly stepped it up.

Students were given their own scale and pieces so that they could manipulate the equations.

Students were writing the equation and solving for X with ease.

They were primarily using guess and check yesterday.  I did show them how to solve without the scale or using guess and check at the end of class.  Again they were scared when I told them what I wanted to show them, but as soon as I did it I heard lots of "Oh!  That's easy!"

They will begin practicing it on their own soon.

I can't wait.  

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The One with the Big Test

This past week my students completed the Benchmark test for what we believe might have been the last time.  We are told next year students will take the PARCC.

If you have ever administered a week long test, I don't have to tell you how exhausting it is.

For students and administrators.

It makes for a long week.

I am proud of how hard my students worked all week long.

I tested sixth graders this year so it was the first time I only had to administer the test for four days instead of the five.

Not going to lie.  That was nice.

This week of testing always gives me lots of time to reflect on my teaching and to begin thinking about the upcoming year.

This year my mind spent a lot of time thinking about interactive notebooks.  I've used them before in Science and in History, but never in Math.

Next year is the year.  I'm going to do it.

I have found a wonderful resource in Jennifer at 4mulafun.  I have spent many hours over the past week reading her blog, checking things out in her TPT store, and watching her videos on YouTube.

I also experienced two firsts during this testing week.  On Thursday, our last day of testing, one of my sweet girls got sick and threw up during testing.  At the time we had two minutes left of that session and then one test left to take so I guess her timing was good.  I felt so bad for her.  I know getting sick in front of people like that can be an embarassing experience.  Of course the other students were flipping out.  It definitely added a little excitement to our week of testing.

My other first?  Saturday School!  We missed 14 days of school this year due to bad weather.  Yesterday we made up one of those days with Saturday school.  Needless to say Saturday School is not my favorite.  Yesterday was 1 of 3 Saturdays that we will be going.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The One in April

I'm a day late to the party.  Oops.  I hope you will forgive me.

It's not too late.  Go join in on the fun.  Just jump on over to Farley's blog.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The One with the Mystery Pictures

Before Spring Break we began studying integers and the coordinate plane.  My students were beyond thrilled to be finished with our unit on fractions.  I have to admit I was pretty excited to be finished as well.  

They immediately fell in love with integers.  Maybe it was because integers aren't fractions.  Or it might have had something to do with the fact they got to play integer war (see previous post) which they are still begging to play again and again.

To help them practice graphing points on a coordinate plane, I gave each student a "mystery" picture.  I had gathered somewhere between 10 and 15 different pictures from different sources because I wanted there to be a variety.  I also wanted to keep the element of surprise.  I hate when that fast working student yells out "It's a ..." and the fun is ruined for everyone else.

Having a variety also allowed me to give easier pictures to students who needed them and more challenging pictures to my more advanced students.

We spent two days working on these pictures as some of them were pretty detailed.  My students absolutely loved it.  They would start guessing as to what their picture was as soon as they graphed the first point.  Some of their guesses made me chuckle.  

I'm proud of how they turned out.  I think my students did a fabulous job.

Some of these are created by my students as extra credit - they designed the pictures and then wrote out the coordinates and directions on how to put it all together.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The One with the Integer War - Bunco Style

Oh my goodness.

My students and I had so much fun in class yesterday.  

And to top it off there were some great conversations about integers going on.

A few weeks ago as we were ending our unit on fractions I came across this blog post and immediately knew I wanted to try it out with my students.

Thank you Controlling my Chaos for sharing this fabulous idea.

It started with the purchase of 14 decks of cards.  Thank goodness for Dollar Tree.  I was able to get all of them for only $7.   And then I removed all of the jokers, jacks, queens, and kings from the decks.

I arranged my desk so that students were sitting with a partner.  This set the stage.  My students knew something was up when they walked in and saw the new arrangement.

Each pair of students were given a deck of cards which they divided evenly between the two of them.

They then played the old card game war...only with a few slight changes.

While the black cards represented positive numbers, the red cards represented negative numbers.

Aces were worth one.

Here's where it gets interesting.

The tables were numbered in true Bunco fashion.   The winner of each table gets to move up a table.  The goal was to get to the head table.  The winner of the head table stayed at the head table, but the loser had to go all the way to the last table.

Really you need to know go read Controlling My Chaos's post.   It is a much better description and even includes pictures.

My students and I were had a blast.  We were all smiling and learning.

Students were really getting into it.  There were a lot of "OOHs  and AWW MANs flying around.

They were begging to play longer.

They were upset today when they walked in and the desk were back to normal.

We'll have to play again soon.