Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The One With Data

My sixth grade classes are learning to collect data and to determine the best way to display that data.

We first looked at dot plots and bar graphs.  Students created their question to survey the sixth grade class.

They collected their data and then created a pop up bar graph.

Thank you Runde's Room for such a great product.  My students loved that their bar graphs were 3-D.

Today we we collected some more data.  We wanted to determine how accurately we could estimate 60 seconds without the use of a clock or watch.

It was the best sixty seconds of my day.  HA!

Tomorrow we will discuss stem and leaf plots as a way to organize that data.

In other news my morning math class has a hard time getting motivated to talk about math.  I often feel like I'm teaching myself because they are just staring at me.

Lumps on logs.

My math coach and I have been discussing strategies to get them awake and motivated to discuss their thinking.  One of the things we are implementing is appointment cards.

It is the same idea as clock partners, but my students like that they have this card.  It has a way of making them feel a little more grown up.

Instead of having them talk to their team (tablemates) about an idea I have them get up and go stand somewhere and talk to one of their appointments.

It seems to be working for right now.

I haven't tried gonoodle with them yet out of fear that it will give them the wrong kind of energy.

What do you do to get your students talking about the subject at hand?