Sunday, August 17, 2014

The One With the Accelerated Math Club

We use a program called Accelerated Math at my school.  Are you familiar with it?  It is a computer based program that allows students to have extra practice at their own pace.  The teacher assigns objectives to each student.  You can assign objectives to students individually allowing them to practice skills they need extra help with or you can assign the same objectives to the whole class allowing them to practice the skills you are teaching in class.  The program creates a practice assignment for students.  It tracks what objectives the students have mastered and which ones they need a little more practice on.  From that information the program then creates test over the objectives students have mastered and exercises for the objectives that students need to practice again.  And the best part?  Students receive immediate feedback.  They not only receive their score but can go back and look at the problems they  missed and see the correct answer.

I love this program.  A few years ago when I taught 7th grade Math I used Accelerated Math as my homework.  Students were required to have two assignments (practice or test) with a 80% or higher each week.  They were allowed to complete as many assignments as they wanted and I took the highest two scores.  That sounds like a lot of grading for me, but the program does all the grading.  I don't do anything but look at the TOPS report, a print out of their score and objectives for that particular assignment.  Accelerated Math was paper and pencil when I was doing this.  Students had scan sheets that they scanned to receive their grade.

I saw what a huge difference this made for some of my students.  It really helped them with their over math skills.  The problems given are primarily word problems - real world application problems.

At QES Accelerated Math is all done on the computer.  This has required me to change the way I use this program.  It all has to be done in class now.  This past year I started using it as a center because it was a fight to get students to work on it more than 30 minutes at a time.  I wanted to create something to motivate my students to try their best when working on accelerated math instead of just clicking random answers.

That's where the Accelerated Math Club comes in.

I know it isn't level...gotta fix that this week. :)

My inspiration came from this pin.

I changed the goals around slightly and created a design that would match my classroom.  I changed the goals because I wanted it to be easy for students to move their pin in the beginning.  I wanted them to experience immediate gratification which will hopefully excite them and motivate them to keep working toward larger goals.

I'm pretty excited about this new club.  My principal LOVED it which only added to my assignment.  

We all know all competitive our students can get so hopefully this will work as well as I want it to this year.

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