Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The One with the Questions Posters

Over the first two days of school I asked my students three questions.

A few of their answers were a bit surprising.

1.  Our class should be _____ every day.

I was honestly a little surprised at how many students said quiet.  I was pretty impressed with their self awareness.  Several students put fun which didn't surprise me at all.  Of course with 5th and 6th graders there were a few strange answer.  One student wrote fish.  That one totally baffled me until another student suggested that maybe that one meant decor.  Our classroom should have a fish theme every day?

2.  One of my overall goals for the school year...

Students seem to have two goals...better grade or no pink slips.  I think those are pretty good goals.  A few students said they wanted to be nicer to their classmates.  That's an even better goal.

3. What kind of teacher to do you want?

The answers to this one actually broke my heart.  While several students want a fun teacher, the majority want a kind and helpful teacher.  It broke my heart in that it was a reminder that my students are people and what they need most is love.  I think some times it is easy to forget that.  I felt like this was my yearly reminder that I can't teach my students until I love my students.  Of course I already knew this, but it was nice to have this reminder.

On a separate note...what did teachers do before Pinterest?  I'm sure I don't have to tell you that this idea came from there. 

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