Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The One With the Husband's Idea

Back on my Currently in July post I mentioned that I was working on a little project that my sweet husband designed.  Several of you were very curious as to what great idea my husband had given me.

I'm finally ready to share it with you.  I got it put up in my classroom yesterday.  

We purchased a new patio set at the end of June.  A round table that came packaged with a perfectly round piece of cardboard.  The husband immediately thought I could make something out of it so it remained in our living room for a few days while I pondered the possibilities.  

I finally decided I wanted it to be a tree.  One of those perfectly round whimsical trees.  The husband immediately googled pictures and we started playing around with ideas.  This picture was my favorite.

That's when my husband got the great idea to print book covers and cut them out in circles to put on the tree.  Genius!!  Love that man.

So the project began. Here is my reading tree.

A close up of the book titles. 

The trunk is made of cardboard as well.  I cut it from the box that our table came in and then covered it with brown duct tape.  

I absolutely love it, but it doesn't quite fill the space like I had hoped.  So here's what I'm thinking.  Blue clouds around it with quotes from books.  Whatcha think?


  1. Super idea! I may steal it for use in my room if that is ok with you.

  2. I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award! Head over here
    to pick it up!

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