Saturday, July 7, 2012

The One With The Toolbox

Because you haven't seen enough of the teacher toolboxes floating around out there, I thought I would share mine.

I purchased this multi color cart a few years ago because I just had to have it.

I'm sure you've all seen them.  I'd even bet several of you own one yourself.  They aren't exactly the cheapest little things, yet they seem cheaply made.  I find that too often as I am closing a drawer it comes out of the tray that holds it and it won't close.

Honestly, if you don't already have one I don't recommend you spend the money on one.  I'm glad I got mine with a coupon while it was on sale so that I didn't pay full price for it.

I'm replacing it with my teacher toolbox.  Whoever is the original creator of the teacher toolbox, a major shout out to you.  Genius idea!

Here is out mine turned out. I really love it!

I'm using it to take the place of the color cart.  And since I have a love/hate relationship with the color cart, I can't let myself get rid of it.  I'm trying to find a good use for it.  Originally I thought papers/forms for my students that we will use often, but I know they won't be able to keep the drawers in the trays so I don't know.  Any ideas?

And while I'm sharing, I scored this cork board owl @ Target this past weekend for $2.50.  I just couldn't resist.

I brought her home and gave her a quick paint job.

Happy Saturday Friends!


  1. I too have one of those colorful carts that I HATE! The drawers never stay in the tracks and I have tried everything. I am a bit OCD and it kills me to look over and see a drawer dangling in place.

    So, I found a score on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago. A lawyer was selling all of her office equipment and she had a 27 drawer file type cabinet. The drawers are made to hold legal size paper. So, I am in the process of painting it gray (it was a scuffed up black. I am trying to have a gray/orange color scheme as I teach middle school and everything has to match (did I mention my OCD?).

    So, if you get any good ideas on what to do with that wonderful, colorful cart please share them.

    The Middle School Mouth

  2. Where did you get your teacher toolbox?