Sunday, July 1, 2012

The One In July

Oh my!  Someone needs to block pinterest on my laptop.  I keep find more cute things I want to make for my classroom.  It's becoming a sickness.  At some point I have to stop and start working on lesson plans.

But for now, let's play Currently.  Go ahead.  Link up with Farley and play along.


  1. I'd love to know your husband's great idea. What colors will you be using next year! I'm black and white polka dots with bees.

  2. I would love to know too. I have never really had a theme in my room. I'm really into polka dots right now so I thought about make each word wall with different colored polka dots. For example red polka dots for ELA, blue polka dots for math and so on. Then each journal or folder we have with that subject would coordinate. But who knows that is just an idea I'm thinking about.

  3. I want to know too! I've been pinning a lot today too!
    Waving from The Teacher's Chatterbox,

  4. This is the first year I'm really excited about my class decorations too. I'm on probation from buying anything else from craft or teacher stores! :)


  5. I'll be back to read about your great idea!

    Krazy Town

  6. my theme is MUSTACHES... I bet that was a hard one to guess... thanks so much for linking up and I look forward to see what your theme is... now STOP reading this and go work on your lesson plans :)

  7. I noticed that you "needing" was to stop pinning on pinterest...That is my goal this summer too! Would love to have you come visit my blog and join in on our weekly "Pintervention" I think it is exactly what you need :)


  8. hahah i've been addicted to pinterest too!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    I hope that you'll join me for my giveaway ♥

  9. I love The Giver! I get excited when my 8th graders are reading it in their literacy class. I surprise them that even math teachers read!
    Special Teaching in the Middle

  10. Love your little blog here! And I'm excited to decorate my room too (I teach high school biology)...I've been channeling that energy into decorating and painting my home! haha. Look forward to reading more posts from you!

  11. Oh, you have got me thinking about what your decor could be and what your husband's idea is! I'll be back.

  12. I just stopped by to say that I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    I wanted to nominate you for the The One Lovely Blog Award!

    Lisa @ Tales of an Education Major

    (Sorry if you've already been nominated, I'm new to the blogging scene, and I'm trying to get this all figured out!) =)