Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The One With the Bingo

A great bingo game is one of my favorite ways to review with my students. Teaching 7th grade, I have found that some years my students are all about it and some years they are too cool for Bingo.

This year's group enjoys playing it as long as we don't play too often. We played vocabulary bingo this week in Science as a way to review for the benchmark that is approaching all too quickly.

Right now they have a deal on bingo sets on one of my favorite websites They have several different themes including science, weather, Texas, dinosaurs, nature, USA, dogs, ocean, wildflower, music, and several others.

They are pretty generic and could work for several grade levels. They are 9.99 plus shipping and come with 6 cards. I purchased the science kit. I think they could be used for a center or small group activity.

You have to be a member of zulily, but that's not a big deal. It's free. All you have to do is sign up. They have new inventory every day. It is primarily children's clothing, but they do have educational things pretty often. I have found that the educational things are geared toward younger kids, but you never know what you'll find.

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  1. I have had my kiddos create their own BINGO boards and help write the caller cards. They love this!

    For example, when we learn about Texas, they draw different state symbols or people and places. Then they write a riddle describing that symbol. I read the riddle and then they have to cover that symbol. This really engages them! =)

    I would love for you to visit me when you get the chance. I have some inspirational poems that might encourage you too! =)

    Heather's Heart