Monday, August 12, 2019

My 2019-2020 Classroom

Welcome to Room 124!

Allow me to show you around.

I'm going to do my best to link all the resources so if you see something you like just click on the picture. 

I'm joining the #OBSERVEME movement this year.  I'm a bit nervous to have this sign outside of my room, but if I get feedback that helps me grow as an educator it will be well worth it.

I  got the idea and these questions from other teachers on IG.  If you would  like a copy of my template, send me an email.  I'm happy to share it with you.

Our school has a building wide tardy policy that I'm excited about.  If a student is tardy they will scan the QR Code and fill out the form with their name and the class period they are late for.  The information goes straight to the office where they will track tardies and handle the consequences.

Want to confuse people?  Hang this sign outside of a Math classroom.  

So many students and parents were confused at Meet the Teacher Night.


This math teacher loves to read and encourages her students to read.

I struggled with what I wanted to put on my door this year.  When I saw this set by Hannah, I knew it was perfect.  A few students are doubtful but I have until May to change their mind.

A quick glance inside and then I'll show you the details.

I have a small bulletin board on each side of my white board.   I knew I wanted these to match in some way.  I love these math talk stems from Keep Your Chin UP so I decided to split them up and put half on each bulletin board.

The #MathTalk letters are from Hanging with Mrs. Hulsey.

Below my whiteboard I have the 8 Math Standards.  

On my bulletin board is my number line that I put up with magnets.  I am seriously so stinking excited about how versatile it is.  I plan to pull numbers and use them in other ways as well.  We will make problems using those numbers and my math symbols set.

On the left side of the bulletin board are my Levels of Understanding Posters.  I'm excited to have this resource for my students this year.

And on the right side are our Battle of the Classes signs.  I'm got this idea from Josie over at Maniacs in the Middle.  I think it's going to be a fun way to implement some classroom management strategies.  Classes will earn points for various things such as smooth transitions.  At the end of the week the class with the most points gets a little reward.

The space above my white board has been intentionally left blank for now.  I'm not sure what will go there but I know I want to save that space.  Something will come up over the course of the school year that will be perfect for that front and center space.

I'm thinking it might be our social contracts that we will create the second week of school.

Now for that rust colored wall.  

Oh how I hated that wall when I first saw my room.

But the color has grown on me and now it's not so bad.

I struggled to get a good picture of this area.  

The math lyrics are from Brooklyn's Brightest.

And shout out to my sister in law for the cute saying.  

The letters were made using PowerPoint and they are AG Can You Not Bold font.

The headset template I found online and everything else I free handed and then cut out.

Now we come to my little corner of the room.

It's nothing fancy.  Three schedule posters because we run three different schedules.  That's a post for another time.  I'm not sure how I'm going to keep all straight.  Maybe the kids will be able to help me.

I don't remember the last time I had a clock in my classroom.  I chose to take it out years ago and never looked back.  This one was already hanging in my classroom and for some reason I decided to embrace it.  I love that my students will see this reminder every time they check the time.  

I am a believer that if you are going to hang something in your classroom it needs to serve a purpose.  My decor is primarily math related but growth mindset is equally if not more important.

This bulletin board was a labor of love.  It was no easy task hanging this by myself after putting it together in the floor.  But it was worth it!

My Math ABC wall is probably one of my favorite resources I've ever created.  I love hearing my students say, "Wait, isn't that word on our ABC wall?"

It also adds lots of color to the room.

These posters came from Ramona Recommends.  You can get them free by joining her email list.  I made my own because I wanted them to be bigger.

Okay I know I've said I love this and that about my room, but this next part really is my FAVORITE thing about my room.

The idea came from pinterest.  I made the letters using AG Adultish. 

I am so excited for students to give shout outs to their peers.

When my students are dismissed I always say "I Love You. Bye".

So another idea from Josie at Maniacs in the Middle.

I decided to put it above the door.

And there you have it.

My 2019-2020 classroom.

I'm looking forward to all the laughter, mistakes, forgiveness, and growth that are going to take place in this room.  

Until those students walk in tomorrow morning, I will just sit and breathe.

If you have any questions about anything please email me.

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