Monday, June 30, 2014

The One With Early Finishers: Monday Made It

I can't believe it is already time for another Monday Made It.  Summer is flying by and that little fact hit me hard this past week.  I need to get it in gear if I'm going to accomplish all the things I want to accomplish.  My husband and I are going on vacation with his parents and siblings the week before school starts so I have to have everything ready a week early.  I refuse to spend my vacation thinking too much about school.

Here are a few things I accomplish this past week.

I MADE it through the first week of a two week workshop on robotics.  Over the course of the week I MADE my very own Wall-E and learned how to program him.  The second week of the workshop involves programming Wall-E to complete a course.  I'm a little nervous about that.  Hopefully it goes well.

One of my big goals for the summer is to create some activities for early finishers.  Think file folder games.  I was excited to find a great little activity by Teresa called Pick and Flip.  I was even more excited to discover that it was FREE.  Yay!  I made hers and then made a few of my own.  I think this is something that I will continue to make throughout the school year as my students are introduced to new concepts.  

I printed prime #s, composite #s, add up to 15, add up to 21, multiples of 7,  and multiples of 9 from Teresa.  I added multiples of 6, multiples of 8, and multiples of 12 myself. 

I printed them on cardstock.

Cut them out.

Folded them in half.

And laminated them.


Students put clothespins on the appropriate squares and then flip the card to check their answers.

You can find my three additions for FREE in my TPT store.

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  1. Love the "Pick and Flip" game!!! Thanks so much for sharing it. I might not have ever found her site if you had not shared it. I can't wait to print it out! I am always looking for hands-on activities for fast finishers and this is perfect! Happy Summer!
    All Smiles in Second Grade

  2. These are so cute! Thanks for the idea, always looking for things for fast finishers!


  3. Love the early finishers idea!! Stopping by from Tara's Monday Made It!! I am a huge FRIENDS fan and love that your blog titles are "The One..." so fun!!
    A Tall Drink of Water