Sunday, June 30, 2013

The One With QR Codes Part Two

Have you downloaded your QR Scanner App?

Did you try scanning the QR Code in my last post?

GREAT!  Let's look at how they can be used in the classroom?

1.  My first creation for using QR codes is part of my reward system.  I have created 12 QR Codes that coincide with 12 different rewards.  These rewards are things that for the most part do not cost me any money.  They are things such as eating lunch with the teacher, not wearing shoes in class, and having the night off from homework.  

I plan to print the QR codes and laminate them.  I may print more of some codes so that students have a greater chance of drawing a homework pass than they do of receiving lunch with the teacher.

After they have been laminated, students will be able to draw a QR code, scan it, and see what they have won.

I love the mystery and excitement.

For example, when students scan a code, they might be given this picture.

All done with my chevron and owl theme.
You can purchase these 12 QR Codes in my TPT store.  

2.  Create a QR Code that links to Plain Text.  You can include your email address, website, school phone number, or whatever contact information you would like parents to have.  They can scan the QR code at Open House.

3. Use QR Codes as a way for students to self check their work.  Students work out the problem and then scan a QR Code for the answer.

4. Do you have a blog or class website where you post homework?  Create a QR Code that will take students directly to that site.  Tape the code in their binder/notebook.  It will always be there if they forget the assignment or get stuck on a problem.

5. Create a QR Code that coincides with a YouTube video.  It's a great way for students to review a concept or learn a catchy song about the concept.

6. Create a scavenger hunt with QR codes around the classroom.  This would be a great way to introduce yourself at the beginning of the year.

7. Instead of a typical worksheet with questions, use QR codes.  Students match or write in the answer with the correct QR Code.

8. I LOVE the idea this blogger had.  She has students ordering fractions that are on bottle caps.  Once they have them ordered, they scan the QR Codes that are on the inside of the cap.  The code tells them where in line that cap should be located.

9. Attach a QR Code to field trip details.  Students simply scan the code and have all the information they need.

10. Link a QR Code with a song that will enhance a concept for students.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The One With QR Codes Part One

I have been fascinated with QR Codes for the past several months.  They have been popping up on Pinterest occasionally and have peaked my interest.

I love bringing technology into the classroom.  Students really enjoy it.  I really enjoy it.

If you are like I was in the beginning, you may not be sure about QR codes.

What are they?

How can they be used in the classroom?

Those were the two questions I had.

I'm sure you have seen QR codes.  They seem to be everywhere these days.

Here is an example.

Have you seen these around?

The basic idea is that you scan this code with your phone and information that has been assigned to the code is revealed.

In order to scan it you will need a smart phone, ipad, or something with a camera.

There are several apps out there to read QR Codes.

This is the one I use.

Once that is downloaded, you can scan QR codes.  If you scan the one above, it will take you directly to my TPT store.  Go ahead.  Try it!

Now what about creating the QR code?  There are several websites you can use.  

The one I have been using is

It is super easy!  You can create QR Codes for websites, Plain Text, YouTube Videos, and so much more.

The options for using them in the classroom seems to be endless.  I will share some of the uses in Part Two.

The One With BlogLovin

So I have no idea about this BlogLovin, but everyone is doing it. Guess I will jump on this bandwagon.

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

The One in July

I can't believe it is already time for our July currently - even if we are linking up a few days early.  It's the one thing I'm not procrastinating about.

Summer is flying by.  It makes me a little sad.  July is going to be a very busy month for me.  I sometimes feel overwhelmed wondering how I will get everything ready for August.  I have to stop and remind myself it is summer break.  I need to enjoy it.

People keep telling me to do something for myself.  To enjoy summer.  They don't understand that crafting, planning, and working on things for the upcoming school year is fun to me.  It doesn't feel like work.  And when it starts to feel like work, I stop and take a break.  

So here it is....

Listening... I have enjoyed watching Boy Meets World reruns.  I LOVED this show when it was on the air.  Not sure how I feel about the new Girl Meets World that is supposedly coming.  

Loving... There is nothing better than sleeping in when my husband has to get up and go to work. Ha!  He leaves then I curl up on his side of the bed and go back to sleep.  Why do I sleep so much better on his side than on mine?

Thinking... I'm a teacher by day and an Independent Consultant for Thirty-One by night.  I LOVE my 2nd job.  It has been a little slow this summer since I've moved to a new area where I don't know anyone.  It's time to step out of my comfort zone and find some new customers.

Wanting... I go back and forth with my twitter account.  Some days it is completely personal.  Some days it is completely professional.  I would like to find a nice balance between the two.  I would like to connect with other teachers though.  I think it could be another great resource. Feel free to connect with me.  @elainaann3

Needing... A pedicure in the worst kind of way.  Maybe this afternoon.

Tips, Tricks, and Hints... Be yourself.  Find what works best for you and your students.  Just because it works for someone else, doesn't mean it is the end all be all.  If you are feeling it, your students won't either.

Check out what others are currently up to over at Farley's blog.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The One With the New Home

I spent some time Tuesday and yesterday working in my new classroom.  Most of that time was spent simply taking inventory.  

Prior to this week I had seen my classroom briefly twice before.  I had snapped some pictures which I have been using for my planning.  This week allowed me to see which ideas would work and which ones were going to need to be revamped.

I was able to get my desk area set up and student desk arranged.  I was informed yesterday that they were planning to paint my room so we will see if everything is still arranged when I go back in a few weeks.  I was just thankful I hadn't put anything on the walls yet.

This is a new experience for me.  I have worked at two other schools.  I worked at a small private school my first year.  I was never really happy or settled there so leaving wasn't a big deal.  I was so excited to start my second job at HG - the school I recently left.

HG became home to me.  A BIG piece of my heart is still there.  Tuesday as I was taking care of paperwork and meeting new people, all I wanted to do was cry.  Everyone at my new school is incredibly nice & helpful.  I have nothing bad to say about QES.  It just isn't HG.  It isn't home yet.

Yesterday was better.  I know that soon enough it will be home.  My heart will be at QES.  

As I was taking inventory of everything I couldn't help but feel like I was stepping in on someone else's territory.

Everything has the previous teacher's name on it.  None of the things in the room are mine or even feel like mine.  

It is all foreign.  

I tried to make a few copies and almost had a breakdown.  The copier kept telling me to load paper, but it had paper.  I was stressed and couldn't figure it out.

Copies skipped.  I'll try again another day.  

Those of you who have left a school you loved, how did you make it feel like home?

I know it will take time.  What else can I do?

Monday, June 24, 2013

The One With the Makeover

I promise I'm not going to be a Monday only blogger all summer.  I will blog about other things and ideas.

But I do love me some Monday Made It!

This week I revamped something from last year.

This is one of my favorite things in my classroom.  I was pleasantly surprise at how much it helps me stay organized.

I have a tray for each of the five days of the week plus one for next week.

When I have made my copies for the upcoming lessons I simply binder clip them and put in the appropriate tray.

I always know where my papers are now whereas before I could never remember where I sat them.  They were constantly getting buried under other papers on my desk. 

It also makes it very easy for a sub.  There is no question about which stack of papers my lesson plans are referring to.  I simply tell my sub which tray they are in.

Anyway.  I used scrapbook stickers to add the days to each tray.  While they worked pretty well, a few letters kept falling off.

I decided to change it up and add some chevron.  My classroom this next year is going to be on chevron overload. I can't wait!

 I hadn't planned on repainting them, but they had gotten scratched up in the move.  I used regular spray paint last time.  This time I used spray paint designed for plastic surfaces.  

I love the blue!  I just printed the days of the week on scrapbook paper and taped them to the inside of each drawer.

I love them so much more now!

Be sure to check out the other great projects over at 4th Grade Frolics.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The One With Monday Made It

I've been seeing all these great post where fellow bloggers link up with 4th Grade Frolics and share some of the creations they have been making.  I love that there is such a variety of creations - it isn't limited to things for the classroom.  People share DIY projects for the home as well as recipes and a host of other things.  

Only teachers can understand the need to start creating for the upcoming school year when it is still June.  I have several different projects going on all over my house.  My sweet non teaching husband just shakes his head at me and reminds me that I have two months until I go back to school.  He says that as if it is a long time.  I see it as a very short amount of time.  

I' m not sure that I've completed any thing yet but I thought I would share the progress on the things I've been working on.  

So without further ado...

Here is the one thing that I have finished.

Since we have been living in two separate houses, we had an extra plastic container.  We kept dog food in it, but it actually made to store wrapping paper.  

I marked off a chevron design with painter's tape.  As you can tell from the picture, I didn't measure.  I just did it.  The lines aren't perfectly lined up, but that's okay. 

I then just sprayed it with blue spray paint, let it dry, and removed the tape.

I plan to store my meter sticks in it.

A few projects that I'm still working on...

I have been revamping my tool box.  I'm just changing out the labels.  I am making them chevron to match this year's theme - owls & chevron.

Speaking of owls, I've been creating lots of owls.  I plan to use these in the hallway.  I just need to laminate them and add my students' names.

Now that I'm moving down to elementary, I'm having to think about decorating projects in a whole new way.  I'm getting to do things that before were a bit childish for my students.  One of those things is a birthday display.  I found several different cute ideas on Pinterest.  In the end I decided to combine those ideas and create something with supplies that I already had at home. 

I painted a canvas, cut letters out of scrapbook paper, and attached them with spray adhesive.  The plan is to add the months to the bottom and have ribbon hanging from the bottom with the birthdays.

This picture was my inspiration.

I'm also working on creating unit lesson plans and my teacher binder.

And last but not least, I didn't make this, but boy did I spend way too long trying to decide what color folders to use. Ha!

Sorry for the poor pictures.  Iphone in poor lighting.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The One With The Summer To Do List

Summer break has officially started. 

I spent three days earlier this week working on common core units for 5th grade Math.  Though I still have a long ways to go, I'm off to a good start.  

Elementary is a whole new world to me.  Bulletin Boards in the hallway.  Holiday parties.  Homeroom.  

I've given my new coworkers a few good laughs with my middle school minded thoughts.  

Speaking of new coworkers.  They are so nice & helpful.  And they go on and on about what a great school QES is to work for.  

I'm still mourning the loss of my HG fam, but I'm excited about this new adventure.

I was able to see my new classroom this week.  It's a complete blank canvas.

I'll admit I was a bit disappointed when I first saw it.  I don't know what I was expecting.  My classroom is always blank when I start working on it.

The teacher who was previously in this room showed me some pictures of how she had it set up last year.  

The pictures restored my faith that the room can be cute once I add some color.

I cannot wait to get in there and start adding color and making it my own with lots of owls and chevron.

It hit me last night that some elementary teachers change their theme every year.  Since I will be teaching 5th and 6th grade, therefore have the same students twice in a row, I will want to change my theme.  

My mind is already on what I would like to do next.  

My mind is also thinking about a hundred other things.  I've been trying to mentally put together my summer to do list.  So far it looks like this.

1. Finish units for 5th grade.
2.  6th grade units
3. Give filing cabinets a make over
4. Repurpose a piece of furniture for my classroom - Have no idea what I want or need, but I still want to do it. Ha!

I'm sure it will grow as summer goes on.  

What is on your summer to do list?

Sunday, June 2, 2013