Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The One With Historical Fiction

I mentioned in this post doing book report projects with my students this semester.  The work has begun.  I have each section of English reading a different genre.  My reason for this was so that they would have more books to choose from.  Instead of all 85 students searching for a historical fiction I only have 30 students searching.

I of course shared my recommendations with them before we headed to the library.  Some of my recommendations were snatched up immediately and others are still on my shelf.

One of the books that I recommended was Copper Sun by Sharon Draper

It was actually recommended to me by a student last school year.  

Oh my goodness!  It is such a good book.  But it is a hard book to read.  What Amari, the main character, goes through is tough to take in.  I was sure to share that with my students.

I actually have two students reading this book right now.  These two students are night and day.  One is a male football player.  The other is a sweet young lady who struggles with reading.

They are both IN LOVE with this book.  They now understand why I said it was hard to read.  They have both said they don't want to keep reading but at the same they can't put it down.  

That is exactly how I felt.  It is very tough to walk through the situations with Amari.

These two students were in the corner of my room today discussing the book.  I couldn't help but smile.  It was as if they couldn't talk fast enough to share everything they wanted to share.

Before long other students were asking them questions and wanting to be the next in line to read the book.  

This is why I LOVE teaching English.  


  1. This is MY favorite thing about teaching ELA! I have one class this year that is just like this - they can't wait to get their hands on a good book, especially if another student is reading it. My other two classes, though, are like pulling teeth! I WILL get them!!!!

  2. I'm not familiar with this one by Sharon Draper. Have you read Out of My Mind? I read it as a read-aloud to one of my classes this fall, and now I can't keep the book on my shelves because those kids talked about it to their friends. That's one of the best feelings! I'll have to look for Copper Sun.