Friday, November 23, 2012

The One With the Award

In the past week I have been nominated by two different bloggers for the Liebster Award.  Talk about humbling.

Thank you Sara and  Michele!  I am truly honored. 

The rules of the award are:
* Post 11 Random Things About Yourself.

     1. I had bunion surgery two years ago.
     2. I get a manicure once a month in order to avoid biting my nails....the nail polish helps. 
     3. I do not drink Coffee and I HATE the smell of Starbucks.
     4. Photography is a hobby I wish could be a second profession for me.
     5. I worked at Sonic for 6+ years before teaching. 
     6. Ten years ago I flipped my car into a tree.  Had I not been wearing a watch, I would have walked away without a scratch.  Unfortunately my watched ripped my arm apart and I ended up needing SEVERAL stitches.
     7. I love to Zumba! Great workout.  Hilarious too!
     8. I once had a nose ring and a belly button ring.
     9. Sometimes I think I want a tattoo.  But I'm a big baby.
     10. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of snakes - As in don't even show me a picture or let one come up on TV.  I will freak out and immediately start crying!
     11. I hate the dentist.  I'd rather go the gynecologist every day of my life than to ever have to go to the dentist.

* Answer the questions the nominator(s) asked you.

Sara asked...

1. Favorite Thanksgiving Food?
My Mommom's Chicken and Dumplings 

2. Best gift you ever received? 

 Tough.  I'm thankful whenever someone thinks of me.  I've received a lot of great gifts in my lifetime.  Probably those gifts from my students that are truly from the heart - things they give to me that belonged to them because they want to show how much they care and can't afford to go to the store to buy something.

3. Favorite scent?


4. If you had to change jobs tomorrow, what would you decide to do? 

5. What's your porn star name? (Middle name + street you grew up on) 
 Ann Meadow Lake

6. If you had to give up your cell phone or the internet, which one would you choose? 

7. Go to the mall or online shop? 
 Go to the Mall

8. Favorite song to sing karoke?
  I would never have the guts to sing karoke, but if I did I think I'd sing I Will Survive.

9. Why do you like blogging?
 It's a great way to share memories and ideas.  I enjoy going back and looking at past posts.  It's funny and I often find things I have completely forgotten about.

10. Are you scared of anything? 

11. One blog you visit everyday? 

Michele asked...

1. Favorite Thanksgiving food? 
My Mommom's Chicken & Dumplings

2. Best gift you ever received? 

I started my personal blog as a way to record the memories and events of every day life.  I decided to start a teaching blog because at the time I didn't feel like there were any middle school blogs out there.  I wanted a community for teachers to share ideas with one another.

3. What is your favorite thing to do with your family?

  Anything.  I love spending time with my family.  Honestly my favorite thing to do with the husband is to drive around looking at houses and just exploring & dreaming.

4. Coke or Pepsi?

For as long as I can remember it has been Pepsi.  I switched to Coke Zero last year.

5. Who is your favorite music group?

 Depends on my mood....right now I'm obsessed with Train.  My husband and I saw them for the 2nd time in concert back in September.  I'm ready to see them again.  It was a great show.  So much fun!

6. What would you purchase if you had unlimited budget?
  My personal makeup and hair stylist.  I dream about this every morning when I get ready for work. :)

7. What is your favorite book to share with your students?

 The Lottery

8. What household chore do you like the least?

  All of them!  Ha!  Probably dishes.

9. What professional book or conference changed something about how you teach?

 The Book Whisperer - Loved this!  It made me feel like the way I always dreamed about teaching was a real possibility that could be successful.  

10. What is your favorite color?


11. If you could eat lunch with a famous person, who would it be?

 Karen Kingsbury

* Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.

1. What is the best vacation you have ever had?
2. What is the one teacher supply item you can't teach without?
3. Board Games or Video Games?
4. What time do you start your day?
5. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
6. What is your favorite comfort food?
7. How many different grade/contents have you taught?
8. Artificial or Real Christmas Tree?
9. Favorite Harry Potter character?
10. What is your favorite children's book?
11. Favorite candy?


  1. I am your newest follower thanks to your award! I love your blog. Especially the look of it! Also, I have a bunion:( Those things are terrible!


  2. Lots of Good information in your post, I favorited your blog post so I can visit again in the future, Thanks.


  3. Ah, I also nominated you for a Liebster award!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

    -The Babbling Box