Sunday, November 25, 2012

The One In The Bathroom

It never fails.  If one ask, they will all ask.  It doesn't even matter if you tell the first one no, they will all ask.

You know what I'm talking about.

Synchronized bathroom trips. 

It really doesn't bother me to let students go to the bathroom during class as long as they are doing so at an appropriate time and not in the middle of a discussion.

Unfortunately there is always at least one student, often more than one student, who wants to take advantage of it.  They need to go EVERY SINGLE DAY.  It drives me crazy.

My other pet peeve is when it seems like the entire class needs to go to the bathroom.

So often I hear the excuse that there is not enough time between classes.  My response to this is always "I managed to go downstairs to the bathroom and be back on time.  You can make it."  

I just hate saying no because what if it is truly an emergency?

One of my co-workers has a policy where students are allowed two bathroom passes a semester.  This works great for her.  How in the world she keeps up with it I don't know.  I can't seem to get organized enough to keep track.

What is the answer?  I wish I knew.  

Are you just hardcore and say not all during class?

Do you have a policy that works for you?  If so, please share.


  1. This always happens during my last class of the day... Same thing thou, I don't want to say no because what if it really is am emergency?

    One of my colleagues had a sign-out sheet with all the kids names and two columns (2x per quarter), clips it to a clipboard, hangs it by the board and they sign out.

    Another ex colleague of mine just gave out actual bathroom passes- 2 per kid and once they used them they were out till the next marking period!

  2. I let them go when they ask at an appropriate time like during independent work but not during direct instruction or discussion. However my last class of the day, I don't know what it is, but they ALL need to go when they get to room...we often take a group bathroom break because otherwise nothing would get done!

  3. Do they NEED to go or just want to go? That is the question. I have no miracle answers, especially since I teach elementary. I will say it is so nice to know that this happens to everyone in every grade.

  4. Mine have 2 tickets that they can use per term. I don't keep track of their tickets, they do. If they have their tickets by the end of the term, they get extra credit. Once their tickets are gone, they get marked tardy for bathroom breaks. Keeps them from taking advantage. The students who truly have extra bathroom needs will come talk to me and work something out.

  5. Whenever I am asked (only during seat work as well) I always look at the clock first. Is it too close to the end of class? If not, then I ask do you really need to go? Perhaps I am too trusting, but they seem to self-regulate fairly well. Sometimes a student will say no, but then come back 10 minutes later and say, ok now I have to go :)

  6. The bathroom policy at our school (5-8) is 2 scheduled bathroom breaks and any others have to go to the office. So if they don't go during the second period or post-lunch breaks, we have to page the office and send them down with a hall pass to use the office restroom. The hassle of having to walk all the way to the office keeps the extraneous visits to a minimum. If a kid says it's an emergency and I know them to be honest, I'll let them go to the restroom right by the class, but that's only happened maybe twice this school year.

  7. In my classroom, each student received a "Bathroom Pass" sheet at the beginning of the year. I offer 5 passes per quarter, but they are for bathroom + locker passes. Whenever they ask, they bring me their sheet and I initial and date it. Once they're gone - they're gone. And if they lose them, I tell them they'd better use that passing period wisely. (Of course...emergencies are emergencies...haven't figured that one out yet.)