Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The One With the Polygon Foldable

My foldable for area of polygons is one of my biggest sellers on TPT.

I love that.

This foldable is my baby.

A lot of sweat and tears went into it.

No seriously...

A lot of sweat and tears went into it.

My husband gets all the credit for this one.

He came to my rescue and made it work.

It may be my biggest seller, but it is also the item with the most asked questions.

Printing and folding it can be a little tricky.

I thought I would do a little tutorial to hopefully help you out if you are trying to fold that pesky thing.

It starts with printing.

You want to change the settings to landscape first.

You also want to print it on both sides, flipping on the short side.

Now I know every computer is different but here is a screen shot of my print screen and the changes I make before hitting print.

Once you get it printed, cut each page in half, cutting along the dotted line.

Stack the papers on top of one another.  

The horizontal dotted lines should line up.

Then you want to fold the pages over on top of themselves.

And viola!  

There is your foldable.

Of course I like to print mine on bright paper.  After all bright paper makes everything better.

I also use one of those huge book staplers to staple them along the top.  It helps keep them together.

I also like to fold these for my students.  Yes that is time consuming, but it is so much easier than letting my sixth graders attempt folding them.

At a minimum I staple them so that I can simply tell my students to fold at the staple. :)

I hope that helps.

And if you have purchased this foldable I hope you and your students find it helpful.  

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