Sunday, October 26, 2014

The One with Equivalent Fractions

We started by talking about the multiplicative identity and how we could use it to find equivalent fractions.

I placed 5 posters, each with a different fraction, around the room.  Students rotated through the posters writing an equivalent fraction on each poster.  

Students then rotated through the posters again, this time with a group. This time they were to write down any fractions that they didn't believe were equivalent.  

I absolutely love the conversations that happened during this time.  Students were pointing our errors and justifying their thinking to their peers.  

Students who aren't necessarily my strongest math students were leading conversations.  I was all giddy as I just sat back and listened.

 We then discussed their findings as a class and then it was time for students to test their knowledge individually.

They had five different fractions and were required to find three different equivalent fractions for each one.  This went on the right side of their notebook along with an "I can" statement.

Somehow I only managed to snap one picture of this part so I hope you get the idea.  Their equivalent fractions are on the inside of each triangle.

This student had finished finding the equivalent fractions and had started to decorate his triangles.

My students seem to really enjoy this lesson and I think it helped solidify the idea of the multiplicative identity and equivalent fractions for them.

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