Monday, December 2, 2013

The One with the Christmas Party

Up until this year the last few days of school before Christmas break have always been consumed with semester test.  I sit at my desk grading as the students finish so that I don’t have to grade them over the break.  It’s an easy and peaceful few days.

This year will look differently as I have my first class Christmas party as a teacher.  There is a part of me that is super excited about it.  I LOVE Christmas.  But then there is a part of me that is terrified.  Will my students enjoy it?  Will it be mass chaos? 

I asked my coworkers today about what I need to do and they gave a few suggestions but told me I could pretty much do whatever I want.  So I’m coming to you for party tips.

Do you do a theme?  If so what themes have you had?

Do you buy gifts for your students?  What can I get 25 sixth graders that won’t break the bank?

Do you find it easier if parents are present or not present for the party?

Do you play any games?  What kind?



  1. Ok I don't teach 6th grade...... but I am a parent to a 3rd grader...... anyhow, I think that if you chose to do gifts for your kiddos Oriental Trading is the way to go. Depending on your bank you could find things in bulk there that would be easy to use as gifts. They offer a variety and I don't think it would be too super stressful to try and get them. I am imagining mini goodie bags with pencils, erasers and maybe something silly inside of them. My son's teacher limits the number of parents that attend. We signed up at the beginning of the year and if you are not a "party parent" for that particular party she requests that you limit your presence to snapping a photo and going on..... they don't have a lot of extra space in their classroom and so adding parents makes their room chaotic in a hurry!!! I think that holiday bingo would/could be a great thing---again Oriental Trading Post could give you some prizes for your winners. You could also do an ornament decorating deal if you wanted to or something crafty..... Do not stress! Limit your party to around 30 minutes, you will be amazed how fast the time flies!!!!! Good luck! Merry Christmas to you and your class!!!!


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