Monday, November 25, 2013

The One With Thanksgiving Break

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week.  Thanksgiving Break begins Wednesday and I could not be happier about that.  I love my job but I'm ready to enjoy a few days of sleeping in, staying in my PJs all day, shopping, and spending time with family.

I have not been a good blogger lately.  

I'm sorry.

I don't even have a good excuse.

My goal is to start blogging on a regular basis again next week.  

I have a few hands on activities that I want to share.   

I read something today where a fellow teacher discussed how sad she was that our blogs as well as Pinterest have become one big advertisement.  Everything is a link to someone's store.  

I hope that I'm not that type of blogger.  I hope that I never become that type of blogger.

It's not that I think there is anything wrong with selling products that you spends hours creating and perfecting.

But at the same time I believe we are a community.  No one other than fellow teachers can understand our jobs and the things we walk through each day - each year.

Maybe we should be a little willing to share our ideas and activities simply to help each other out without thinking about making a profit.  

Please don't take offense to this.  I'm not trying to start a debate.  I'm just sharing my thoughts on this.

When I return next week I will have some things to share with you.  You won't find a link to my TPT store.  I simply want to share and I hope that you will enjoy.

Until then...

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