Monday, December 17, 2012

The One With Change

When I interviewed for my current job six years ago my principal told me HG was the kind of school people come to and stay.  

I really believed that was going to be true for me.  I absolutely LOVE my school, my principal, and my co-workers.  

Turns out  - that isn't going to be me. My husband has accepted a new job with a different company.  This new job requires us to move.

Though I am very excited about this move, I do not look forward to leaving my current school.  It has become home and the people have become family over the past six years.

I definitely do not look forward to the interviewing process.  I do at least feel more prepared now than I did when I did this six years ago.  Now I have classroom experience to refer to.

I'm walking into interviews with three great letters of recommendation - one from my principal, one from a coworker, and one from a parent.

I feel fairly prepared, but I'm wondering if any one out there has some advice.  Maybe you interviewed for a new position recently?  Or maybe you have been on the interviewing committee at your school?

Though I have taught all four content areas in the past six years, I have only taught 7th and 8th grade.  I LOVE my 7th graders.  

I've been dreaming of what grade/subject God might lead me to teach at a new school.  Though it would definitely be a totally different world, I think I would like to teach 4th grade. Part of me would love to have the same kids all day.  My mind runs wild with ideas and possibilities.  


  1. What a wonderful new opportunity! I have sat on an interview committee before for a 6th grade social studies position and we asked questions like:

    - How do you encourage curiosity?
    - How do you incorporate literacy within your subject area?
    - How often do you use sarcasm in your classroom?
    - Do you think humor belongs in the classroom?
    - How do you know when your students have learned?
    - What do you do when students haven't learned?
    - How do you use technology in your classroom?
    - How do you assess student learning?

    Those are all I can remember right now. Are you moving to a new state or within the same state?

    Good luck with the job hunt!

  2. Hi Elaina, I feel you! I was in the exact same position 1.5 years ago ... it was very difficult to leave a school I'd been at for 10 years. I had some interview tips given to me so I shall email them to you this evening! Best of luck!

  3. No advice, but because of my husband's job I (at age 61) have taught in 6 systems in 3 states and the following grades: K, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, (all general ed. some in multi-grade classrooms), high school (special ed.) It has been an adventure beyond belief and contrary to what some might think, it has been a great thing. I have had the opportunity to learn so many things about education and about children that I honestly do not think I would have learned had I continued teaching in the same grade level in the same system. And I certainly have never been bored! I wish you lots of luck and hope that your adventure turns out as well as mine has!