Friday, May 18, 2012

The One With The Geometry Game Giveaway

I am elated to host my first teacher giveaway.  I am hosting this giveaway for a couple of reasons.  I'm celebrating.  We have one week left before summer vacation starts.  I really have mixed feelings about it.  I absolutely love this group of 7th graders.  They have been so sweet and tons of fun.  Dare I say the perfect group?  So much so that I was tempted to request teaching 8th grade next year.  I know that I don't like having the same group two years in a row though no matter how much I love them.  Something happens between 7th and 8th grade and not a good something.  As I said in a previous post, I'm making the switch from Math to English.  I am so very excited!  It's what I've always wanted to teach.

Right before I officially made the switch I ordered some math board games from  If you are not a member of zulily, please do yourself a favor and join.  It is for moms & children.  Lots of clothes and furniture, but they also have educational games.  Everything is at least 50% off so you can find some really good deals.  The majority of the educational games and toys are geared for younger children.

Anyway, I ordered 4 board games to use in Math class.  I'm going to keep three of them because someday I may teach math again, but I've decided to give one lucky reader the 4th game.

It is called GeoGems Polygons.  It is for grades 4 and up.  

The game comes with a game board, spinner, instructions, 6 sets of cards, answer key, 60 chips, and 4 pawns.  The game is to designed to build fluency in naming polygons and identifying their properties.  

The game helps with vocabulary such as angles, vertices, diagonals, isosceles, congruent, adjacent, and several other words.  

I really thing it would be a good tool to have for the classroom.

There are a couple of ways for you to enter this giveaway.

1 Entry - Become a follower of my blog if you aren't already.  Leave a comment letting me know you are following.

1 Entry - Go to and check out their products.  Come back here and leave a comment letting me know what other games you think would be great to have.  It can be any subject - not just math games.

2 Entries - Blog about the giveaway.  Leave a comment with a link to your blog post.

The last day to enter the giveaway will be Wednesday, May 23.  I will announce the winner on Thursday!  

Good luck!  May the odds be ever in your favor. :)


  1. I follow your cute blog! :-)

  2. The wiebe-carlson games are very cool! I especially like the Where's Wilma and Where's Wilson games - both because of their price and their self-checking feature...hmmm...I can hear my credit card jingling. ;-)

  3. I'm following your blog and just read your from Arkansas. I'm from Arkansas too. Is your school almost out?
    Have a Great Week,

  4. I've been stalking your blog for awhile but officially became a follower today. By the way, I'm jealous that you're almost out for the summer. We have 4 more weeks to go here in the Seattle area.

  5. What a fun site! This is a hard decision. I think I'd love to have "Build & Block Fractions, Decimals, and Percents", "Percent Dominoes", the "Playground of Algebra Lab", and "Discount". And that's just after looking at the first few pages of math games. This site could be deadly to my bank account!