Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The One With FACEing Math

Last year I was able to attend the National Math Conference in New Orleans. The ladies I went with and I had a blast. It was a fun weekend.

Besides having lots of fun, I came back with lots of ideas for my classroom. One of the things I found that has been a big hit with my students is FACEing Math.

Each worksheet comes with around 25 problems and a blank face template. The students work the question choose the correct answer. Each question has two possible choices. The right choice obviously and then the second choice is one they would get if they made a common mistake. The correct answer then tells them what to draw on the face. For example, if you get A draw three freckles. If you get B draw five freckles.

There are a ton of faces to choose from. There are also animals which are lots of fun. They have one book that is blank so you can make your own questions. That means you could use them for any subject.

My students love these. Even in 7th grade, they still love it when I hang their work on the wall.

It was definitely worth whatever I spent. I can't remember, but I know it was reasonable. I strongly recommend you check out their site and see for your self.

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